Ultimate Students Self Storage and Moving Guide

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At the end of the semester or college year, students are engaged with exams and looking for jobs and internships. This can be quite stressful plus the need to pack up and go home or to work. Usually, at the end of the college year, students are required to pack up theboxes on push cart ir electronics, personal items, furniture, and other things they have acquired from the school.

They need to pack and transport them back home. When the college reopens, they need to repack it again when the school is back in session. Unfortunately, this is quite stressful for both students and parents. Nowadays, there are student storage Manchester facilities dedicated to students only. The following are the top packing tips.


It is a good idea to pack books horizontally in a box. When you store books vertically, you risk damaging their spines. Ensure they are packed in small, sturdy boxes. Also, you should pack same-sized books together.


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It is possible you have a lot of dishes that can easily break. You can line the boxes for the breakable items such as plain newsprint or bubble wrap. Using regular newspapers is not recommended as they can leave print residue on your items. You should also roll glasses onto the newsprint and then tuck in the ends of the paper as you roll to have a tight package.

Ensure you place the heavy dishes at the bottom of the box and then place a filler protection between the pieces. You can also place an extra layer of the item and the lightest object at the top of the box. This will leave the box a few inches of space from the top. This is the space you should fill with the paper and other protected material. If you do not have newspapers, you can wrap the items in towels and linens. Ensure the box is completely sealed with the packaging tape before putting them in storage. This is necessary to prevent dirt and dust from entering the boxes.


You should pack your clothing in clear plastic boxes. Avoid using grocery store boxes as they may contain leftover foods and other residues. Never pack your clothes in plastic bags as they can attract moisture that will damage them. Moreover, ensure you wash the clothes thoroughly before placing them in storage.

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