Some important duties of a locksmith

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Did you know that locksmiths have many different things they can do for you? A lot of the time, their services are open 24 hours. The job of a locksmith is a high-pressure job where stakes are high. Many people will think how a Locksmith’s job can be a high-pressure job and how can stakes run high in this profession.

Here are some of the primary duties that Unlockit Locksmith are likely to be involved in:

Security systems

If a property owner feels that the existing security measures aren’t up to date and need replacing, a suitably qualified locksmith is often able to give advice on the most efficient security systems, which can include installing cameras and alarms.

A homeowner might request the installation of heavier duty locks in areas that seem to be attracting a lot of break-ins in the local area. Beyond just the principal residence, the locksmith is also able to advise on the latest security devices that can stop a potential theft from the outbuildings, such as a garage, workshop, or tool shed.

Once the new security is in place, the locksmith will give detailed instructions to the homeowner on how best to use the system to make sure the property is safe and secure at all times.lock tumblers

Opening locks

Rather than instantly deciding that a lock needs drilling, many of the more competent locksmiths are often able to use a broad range of lock picking tools (warded, rake or ball pick) to quickly and efficiently gain entry to a person’s car, home or safe. If a locksmith can use a particular tool to open a lock, then this is likely to save a lot of money, mainly because it isn’t going to be necessary to have the entire locking mechanism replaced.

Lock combinations

It is often found that the lock combination for business or at-home safe is lost or misplaced, which means that a locksmith will be required to help in replacing the lock code or combination. It is often a challenging practice to reprogram a safe and therefore the ability of a professional is likely to be in need.

Alternatively, if the safe is key based, then the locksmith will be able to issue a replacement key by creating a keyhole mold and cutting a new key to those exact dimensions.

man in glassesA good locksmith is that who can solve the problem of every kind. It is suggested that to become a good locksmith it is better that one should get his education till grade 12 than his education on electrolysis may be an a asset for him.…

What are the steps in getting a security license

Security guards

Working as a security officer can be profitable as you can take private jobs such as being a bodyguard, transporting armored cars, protect merchandise in stores or even guard prisoners in transport. Nonetheless, to get a license, you must meet basic requirements, complete training and have approval from local licensing divisions.

What are the Steps in Getting a Security License


You are required to undertake a training program from a registered training organization. To apply for the security license, you must have passed all the training in the 2011 Property Services Training Package (CPP07). You can also apply fo the safety training program online by simply filling out an account.

Once you submit your application, certain information is esquired to validate your eligibility. You are then sent to a post office where you can complete the form. A post office staff checks you, takes digital photographs and payment fro the application fee and returns your documents.


security guard An applicant must not have been convicted of a disqualifying offense in the past ten years. The candidate also needs to disclose if they have been found guilty of a disqualifying offense for the previous five years in cases where the conviction was not recorded. Your files should prove that you do not pose a threat to public safety.


You will be required to present formal identification documents either original or in certified copies. The identification papers include Citizenship Certificate, Passport, ImmiCard, Driver’s license, ID card, Social Security card, 18+ card, Letter from your employer, License fee, a criminal history check fee which is usually $38.80 and a fingerprinting fee which is typical $100.

The requires all security providers to be fingerprinted. You should get the criminal history check from your state by visiting the Ministry of Justice website. The history check takes some time about 20 or even 30 days top process so you should apply early.

Processing time

The license takes about 4-6 weeks to process. However, the process can take longer is a person has not submitted all the required documents or they have not paid appropriate fees.


You can get a partial refund if you withdraw your application if your application is refused. The refund is given on fingerprinting fees as well as criminal history check fees.

cashIt is important to follow all the steps to get a valid license and work in peace. Getting a security license could not be easier.…