Tips to help you buy a MIDI controller


A MIDI controller is a combination of hardware and software components responsible for generating and transmitting musical instrument digital interphase (MIDI) to digital or electronic MIDI devices. As such, buying one of the 10 best midi controllers influences the quality of electronic music played. When buying a controller you have first to define your need. This way, your can make an informed choice. Below are other things to note before buying MIDI keyboard controller.

The keyboard controller

A keyboard controller constitutes piano or synthesizer – style keys, piano keyboardbuttons, sliders, and knobs. These devices are responsible for transmitting MIDI data to software synthesizers, external sound synthesizer and hardware and software synthesizers. Keyboard controllers are versatile and portable. Thus, with this, you can have total control over the music software and hardware.

Buttons, faders, and knobs

Buttons, knobs, and sliders are essential accessories found on the surface of the keyboard controller. Like the piano- style essential tools, they too are responsible for transmitting MIDI data. These accessories enable you to have control over the music software or any other device you connect to the controller. With the current technological advancements, you can automate your knobs and faders to fit your particular software application.

Keyboard action

Keyboard action is an important aspect of any keyboard controller. Your daily musical activities and the kind of music you play are key determinants of the type of action you select. When choosing a keyboard controller, it is imperative to choose one that makes you feel comfortable in whatever thing you are doing. Below are three key keyboard actions.

Weighted hammer action

If you are a piano lover or you compose piano-based music, weighted hammer action is an ideal keyboard action for you. Controllers resemble conventional piano keyboards in that they have 88 – note keyboards for mechanical action. This makes the mechanical action a little bit complex. However, mechanics try to incorporate warmer springs and weights that contribute to a piano feel.

Semi-weighted action

This resembles the weighted action. The main difference between the two is that semi-weighted action has a lesser key resistance and a better spring release as compared to that weighted hammer action. This type of action is ideal for people who are neither concerned with realistic piano action or spring loaded synth action.


audio deviceIf you play fast music, or you are not an expert in playing piano, and you would wish to add MIDI functionality to your setup, synth action is ideal for you. Synth-action is extremely fast and resembles the functionality of an electric organ. In, spring loaded keys are light, and thus they can be moved and return to their position quickly.

After touch event

You only know you need an after touch event after you have used it. As such, you may not show interest in this aspect at the beginning of your playing experience. An after touch event allows you to express your playing expertise in a convenient and ergonomic way.…