4 Tips to Consider When Shopping for Marijuana Buds


Gone are the days when cannabis was portrayed as a hardcore narcotic. Currently, many nations are taking part in the decriminalization of marijuana. For some countries, marijuana is legal for medicinal use only while others allow recreational use. Because of this fact, growers have developed numerous strains for various functions.

1. Budget

Every shopping list depends on the budget. If you have a flexible budget, your options are plenty. However, if you have a limited budget, you will have to research on suggested products within your budget. Also, not all expensive strains offer the best experiences. Some of the expensive brands have high levels of THC that cause intense psychoactive effects on the users.

2. Purpose

Why do you need cannabis? Depending on your intentions, the choices you will have to vary widely. If you seek buds that will offer therapeutical values, make sure the strain has high concentrations of CBD. For recreational use, buds that high in THC will give you that stoner vibe along with some therapeutic benefits.

3. Cannabinoids

When shopping for marijuana flowers, many people ignore the ingredients. Different strains offer varying experiences because of the cannabinoids and their concentration levels. If you seek to get the experience of feeling “high,” buds high in THC potency should be great choices. Nonetheless, avoid going for high levels of THC. Start with the low amounts as you work your way up. If you aim to get the medicinal value of the plant, focus on strains that are CBD dominant or purely CBD buds.

4. Consult

To find the best marijuana flowers that suit your needs, you will have to consult some people. Mainly inquire from your doctor or a cannabis dispensary budtender. These two are professionals in the sectors and will advise you according to experience with other cannabis users. You can also consult your friends or family, in case they happen to have experience using weed.

Extra Tip

When choosing buds, feel free to ask for third-party lab tests. If a brand does not provide any information on its strains, look for one that does. You also have a broad range of flavors to…