Health Benefits of Archery

a person shooting arrow

While it is true that many people are aware of the fact that archery is a type of sport, many of them still doubt its positive effects on the body. Other than precision and sharp sights, people tend to perceive the activity as no more than just a competition that has no direct impact on the body. However, this statement is misleading as it also has health benefits for the body. In fact, contents that explicitly talk about how it can significantly affect your performance are as common as references that talk about compound bow reviews. For that reason, let us start this discussion by reiterating the statement stating that the activity is a type of beneficial sport for the body.

There are at least four aspects that need to be present, and they are precision, focus, physical ability, and determination. These four aspects are essential in a way that the absence of one of them can lead to failure. As people assume that athletes that train for hours a day are the ones who benefit greatly from the sport, they need to know that even those who prefer recreational archery can benefit from the activity.


One benefit of archery is that it provides its enthusiasts with a series of physical training that people of different backgrounds, ages, and physical ability can do. Physically drawing a bow uses a high dose of energy, and it means the activity helps the body burn calories. One scientific research tries to compare the total amount of the calories burnt between archers and swimmers, and they conclude that archers tend to burn more calories than swimmers. A male archer can burn up to 1000 calories while female archers can burn approximately 700 calories. It means that the activity equals to thirty-minute aerobic workout or fifteen-minute high-intensity training session.


Another benefit that archers can get is the chance to work on their muscles. Although the activity mostly targets triceps and biceps, the entire body movements can also affect muscles in the chest, stomach, and the back. As a result, you may soon notice a visible change in the way how your body looks, especially with bigger muscle mass. Thus, a stronger body is also a plus point of the sport.

Brain Functions

The sport also requires you to have good coordination between the position of your legs, hand movements, eyesights, and target control. All these functions relate to basic brain functions. Those who regularly train all these aspects have a higher chance of having better brain functions.

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