Why you should get a dog

cute dog

You know how the saying goes, a dog is a man’s best friend, but should you get a puppy for your house? There are so many scientific reasons why you should get a dog, starting from improving your mood, to fitness and for your kids as well. If you’re planning to buy or adopting a dog, here are several reasons why you should get those cute four-legged furry friend.

depressed womanLowering your stress levels

A lot of studies have proven that when you spend some time with a dog or your pet for 15-30 minutes, can make us happier. Another reason to get a dog is that they can also help with lowering your blood pressure, which is usually caused by mental stress. So, besides life companion, a dog can also be another prescription that can help besides the pills.


They can help with your fitness goalsjogging with dog

If you own a cat before, you might realize that dogs are much more active compared to those felines. One of the activities that you’re going to do is to walk your dog together in the morning or, during the afternoon. Although it’s only walking, it’s considered an exercise, and it’s better than doing nothing at all, so you should get a leash and start walking your dog.

Tip: consider getting a harness for your dog instead of a leash, as it is safer for the dog as you pull on its chest, and not his neck.

Immune system

A dog can help to improve your immune system, and there’s also a study where kids who interacted with a dog is less likely to have an allergy while also having a better immune system. A dog can also help to fight depression, which can save you a visit from the therapist.

Rodent control and watchdog

Just like cats, dogs can also keep the rats in your house away. Dogs are also natural predators, and they will not hesitate to chase away the rats and also to act as a watchdog. Dogs are also brave, regarding of their sizes, making them perfect to guard your house in case of burglars breaking in.

Those are the reasons for why you should get a dog; they can be the best choice you ever make as they will be a part of your life forever. So should you get one? We have listed the reasons why the decision is in your hand.…