Advantages of Changing the Air Filter

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One of the recommendations that you might have come across is the changing of the air filter regularly. This explains why the replacement filters are necessary in our day to day lives.

By replacing the filter, you will enjoy improved operation, improved engine life, enhanced acceleration, and reduced emissions just but to mention a few. This read thus highlights the benefits of changing the air filter of your air cleaner regularly.


air cleaner with wires It is cheap to replace a faulty air filter than purchasing new equipment. This explains why preventive maintenance is greatly encouraged since it helps in safeguarding the equipment that would otherwise break down entirely that will require a new air cleaner to be purchased.

Since it is costly to purchase this equipment and many families usually deal with tight budgets, it makes more sense to replace the air filter than purchasing a new one.

Fuel Efficiency

Replacing your air filter will help you in enhancing your fuel efficiency. Most of the air cleaners are either powered by petrol or diesel. It means that for the air cleaners to work, you will need to fuel it with diesel or petrol.

Over time, the air filter gathers dust which reduces the efficiency of the air cleaner. This means that the air cleaner will have to use more fuel to clean the air. When the air filter is replaced, the fuel efficiency of the machine will increase.

Reduces Emissions

Replacing the air filters also helps in reducing the emissions. When the air filter is clogged, the air flow on the engine will be hampered which will increase the amount of carbon emission that is being produced by the said equipment.

When there are air flow issues to the engine, it will lead to the spark plug ignition problems that will lead to problems with the air cleaner. The air plug ignition will also lead to fuel inefficiencies. Replacing the air filter will enhance the flow of air and thus lead to reduced emissions.

Prolong the Engine Life

air filter Altering or changing the air filter from time to time will help in elongating the engine life of the air cleaner. Since the debris that blocks the engine airflow are removed, every time the air filter is removed the engine life will be prolonged. The engine that runs the air cleaner is typically damaged when the small debris leads to the damage of the engine.…

Uses of spray foam

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One of the best uses of foam spray is closing up air spaces around the window pans. However, foam spray is not limited to such uses only it has other paramount factors and uses as below.

Closes spaces and keeps mice away

House roofYou may choose to close holes in the exterior of the house by the use of foam. Using foam is a great way of causing air to get through to the house. However, pets may still come and eat up the foam causing the air to still get through to the house. However, there are types of spray foam infiltration that have pest resistance in them; it is wise to choose this kind of spray foam insulation. Click here for more information on spray foam insulation.

Include an extension tube

In most cases the spray foam cell is not sufficient to get to most areas of that one is trying to reach. It is advisable to, therefore, buy an extension tube of one inch or less at the stores and us it to get to the areas that are tough to reach with just the thick straw.

Dampen for fast curing

To expand and cure the area of application you need to apply moisture on the surface. If you are spraying on a dry surface or spraying on a day with very less humidity, it is crucial to moisturize the place before you spray the foam. However, make sure that you do not dampen the surface in place of moisturizing it.

Clean up the surface first

Acetone can be used in the cleaning up process before the curing of the area sprayed. Nail polish remover that contains acetone is also utilized in the removal of foam that I not cured. However, when acetone is used in cured foam, it does not have an effect. If cured you will have to scrape and sand off the foam that is not needed.

Look when is the date of expiry

Spray foam works best when fresh., rather when it has not expired like food too. It is, therefore, essential to always check when the expiration date is in the can before making the purchase.

 Tighten a loose showerhead

roof topYou can spray up the foam on a shower arm if it is loose and eventually the arm will stick! Let the foam stiffen up in the process and after it is hard to check for any excess spray around the shower arm and get rid of it. Put the cover plate back in place and in the process; you will not be able to tell if it is spray foam that has been used to tighten the area. You can use a similar technic in other regions that are loose.…

Benefits Of Double Glazing Windows


Whenever you think about renovating your house or building a new home, you have to reflect on the window panes. When looking for beautiful windows, you have the option of choosing between single or double glazed windows. Of the two, double glazed windows have the upper hand over single glazed ones for many reasons. That said, here are some of the main benefits of having a double glazed window installed in your home.

Better insulation

This is one of the main benefits of having a double glazed window. windowDid you know that more than a quarter of the heat from your AC unit is lost through the windows? Surprisingly, this could be even more depending on the type of window. A well fitted double glazed window has been shown to cut down these losses significantly. In some way, these will be reflected by a reduction in your energy bills


Single glazed windows are made from a single layer of glass. Structurally, it is to shatter such unit. In a way, this can even compromise the security of your home. Having double thickness reduces the susceptibility of your window from breaking. In a way, this offers you the confidence and reliability you need over single glazing.


Being stronger, double glazing windows are more secure that single glazed units. Its strength makes it is hard for a burglar to break into your home. On the other hand, there is also the aspect of the security features of the window. Besides having a double glazing, modern double glazed units also have an advanced locking system that locks from the inside making it difficult for intruders and burglars.


windowsDouble glazing windows come in different styles and designs. This gives you various options to consider to match the style of your home. Installing modern double glazed units has the benefit making your home attractive. They not only make your home appealing but they have the advantage of improving its market value just in case you need to sell it anytime soon.

The benefits are enough reasons to install double glazed windows at their home. However, before buying these windows, you need to do your homework to ensure you get high-quality windows from double glazing company Glasgow. Moreover, you also need to work with an accredited installer. Any wrong choice will certainly limit the gains you stand to realize from investing in double glazed units.…