How to Make Money from Translation

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Today’s information technology has enabled us to work on various projects that range from design, multimedia creation, and translation. In this article, we will focus on the third topic. If you can speak English and one or two extra languages, then you are more than ready to make money on the Internet. However, you have to execute your plan flawlessly because online mistakes stay forever. Once you leave a poor record, it will negatively affect your reputation for a long time.

Begin with Volunteering

The best way to make portfolios on the Internet is to get involved in nonprofit and educational projects. TED, Global Voices, Kiva, Per Mondo, and Idealist are five platforms that you can use to enhance your translation skill. Besides, if you want to open a translation agency, volunteering will be an excellent way to build your reputation. It shows that your business is not only profit-oriented but also is also intended to contribute to the greater good.

The second advantage of participating in volunteer projects is that it will give you a chance to connect with other translators and editors. Networking is vital in translation jobs because not all of those posted gigs are legit.

Use a Proofreading Program

word listEven though automated proofreading will not be as meticulous as if a real person does it, it will still speed up your workflow significantly. Features like grammar and plagiarism check will be vital if you work on academic projects. And here are the most recommended proofreading programs for English: Grammarly, Ginger Software, PaperRater, Pro Writing Aid, and Hemingway Editor.

You should learn the advantages and disadvantages of the platforms above. You can calculate the subscription fee and see if it can cover your profits. It would be better if you opt for a program with scalable packages because you may not need all of the advanced features when you begin your business.

Join a Community

This section is a further discussion of the second topic above. The best way to find the right people in the language industry is by volunteering first. And after that, you will see which forums, platforms, and social media that a particular group of translators tend to use. For example,,, are three websites where you can connect with language professionals of diverse project fields, such as medics, law, manufacture, and finance.

Sell Yourself Through Social Media

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You may have heard of LinkedIn, and you may have had an account there. However, LinkedIn tends to be rigid and serious. It would be best if you train yourself to be adept at using social media and gaining followers so that every time you have a project, your client will feel not only the benefit of your translation skill but also your marketing skill. Almost all content needs publicity, and if you can help your client with that task, it will be a plus.…

Make Money Online With Iwriter.

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Article writing has become one of the many ways through which writers make money online. If you are talented in writing then here is a site where you can use your talent to make money. That must be very enjoyable right?

What is writer?

Iwriter is a freelance site where article writing takes place. It is designed to help individuals owning websites and blogs connect with writers who will write content that will attract people in their sites. In addition, it helps hook up writers to individuals who want specific articles written. It is among the very most active, well known and online money making sites. Iwriter is open to all individuals above the age of eighteen years who own a PayPal account.

How does it work?

hands on laptop and coffeeFor you to become an iwriter writer and make money online, you need to sign up with your names, email address, username and a password. The username and password will help you log into your account every time you want to access iwriter. In case you forget the password, iwriter requires you to submit a valid email address and your log in details will be sent there ASAP. There are four levels in iwriter, Standard, Premium, Elite and Elite plus. New writers fall in the Standard level and can earn up to $2.43. After writing and submitting 25 articles and your rating range 4.1, you advance to Premium writer where you can earn double of what Standard writers earn that is as from $4.03. On writing thirty articles with a rating of 4.5 and above you become an Elite writer and earn as from $8.

Tips on how to become a Premium or Elite writer fast

  • Check on the clients approval rates. Some clients are hard to please no matter how best you try. It therefore advisable to ensure that before writing an article the client’s approval rate is above 65%.
  • Stick to areas you have knowledge about. Do not take up articles on areas you totally new at. Writing on a topic you have an idea about makes your writing easy and less stressful.
  • Write as many articles in a day. Thirty articles are needed to become an elite writer, it will be easy to meet the target if you write at least five article a day.
  • Become a nocturnal writer. Iwriter jobs are mostly available at night especially for the Standard writers. To meet the goals one can be required to stay up late and write more articles.
  •  Deliver high quality articles. It is very important to stick to the clients instructions. This will ease high rating.

the word freelance A writer must have a valid PayPal account in order to get paid. Payments are made on weekly, bi weekly and monthly basis. Payment kicks after one has earned a minimum of $20. Grow your writing skills as you make money online on writer.…