Hamster cages buying guide

hamster cage

Those who love to have pets can consider keeping the hamsters. The two types of hamsters are the Syrian species and the dwarf species. The Syrian hamsters are the most popular species of hamsters that people keep. This makes it easy to find the cages for them. However, whether one keeps the most common species or the other dwarf species, finding the perfect cage for the hamsters may be a difficult task. Moreover, below are some factors that one needs to consider when purchasing the hamster cages which form the hamster cages buying guide to help you.

Your stylehamster in a cage

There are several styles of hamster cages available which mostly depend on the species of hamsters. This can also be coupled with one’s preferences. What you will prefer may not be necessarily someone else’s preference. The most popular style is a hamster cage on a plastic base. However, one is supposed to look around and find the best cage that will suit their style.


The hamster needs lots of fresh air to make them healthy and comfortable. The plastic cages are the most preferred, but they have a limitation on the ventilation for the hamsters. The most preferred cage when it comes to ventilation is the one made of wire mesh. However, one can still sample the cages made of other materials and see how ventilated they are.

The ease of cleaning

Hamsters need a clean place to stay in. For this reason, keeping a hamster will need you to have time to clean the hamster’s cage regularly. This will help them stay healthy and happy as well. A good hamster cage should be easy to clean hence calls for a not so complicated cage. The simple the cage is, the easy it is to clean it.

Size of the cage

The size is an important factor to consider when choosing the cage. First, one should have an idea of the number of hamsters they intend to keep as they settle on the cage. The breed intended to be kept will also play an important role in getting the size. Some breeds are bigger hence need larger cages while others are smaller hence smaller cages.

Security of the cage

The cage is meant to keep the hamster safe and also prevent it from escaping. Due to this, one should ensure that the cage they have will have enough space to keep them intact. The recommended maximum space between cages is half an inch apart. This will help in keeping your hamsters secure.

Wheels of the cage

hamster Hamster cages that have wheels have been seen to be great since they provide an opportunity for them to exercise. The cage should have a good size of the wheels. The most important thing is to ensure that the wheels of the cage do not have cross bars or be of designs that may make the hamster’s limbs be stuck.

One can search on the online stores to find which cages they can get and get good deals as well.…